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Primus provides a wide variety of downloads for our corporate clients. Below you will find resources to download our product manuals, useful applications and a selection of example and testing web scripts for our Hosting clients.

Applications Files: 8 Applications
Please choose from the list of our applications to help assist you in your troubleshooting needs. Below you will find both connection applications and those included in many of our services. Should you require assistance in the installation or configuration, our technical support would be glad to assist you.
Product Manuals Files: 5 Product Manuals

Product manuals and user guides for such devices as our Talkbroadband Gateways, DSL/ADSL Modems, and our other devices in which we supply with our services.

Test Scripts & Web Applications Files: 4 Test Scripts & Web Applications
To assist you with your website design and coding, we have complied a collection of test scripts, plus some excellent free & open source scripts from a variety of languages. Please note that Primus does not assist in coding issues of any type and these scripts are provided on a reference base only.

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