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Email Headers - MS Outlook Express
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Please follow the below steps to obtain email headers in Microsoft Outlook.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook Express, and ensure you are viewing the correct folder in which your specified message is located.
  • Select the message in which you wish to obtain the headers from by clicking on the message once. This should highlight the message in a blue colour in your list of email.
  • Right click on the highlighted message in your list (In the blue area), to reveal a popup menu with a variety of options.
  • Select "Properties", which will present a popup screen with new information about this Email message.
  • A new popup screen appears. Please locate the "Details" tab and click on this to reveal it's contents.
  • You will find the "Internet Headers" in a scrolling text box in this tab of the popup window.
  • Select all contents from this text box by clicking (and holding) your left mouse button at the start of the text in the box. Ensure to highlight all text in this box.
  • Copy all of your selected content by holding the CTRL key, and then pressing "C"
  • Paste your copied content into a new email message, support ticket, or however instructed by your technical support representative by holding CTRL and pressing the "V" key.

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