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Talkbroadband Top
Voice over IP is the way of the future and Primus is an industry leader in this field. With one of the widest ranges of calling features including our Telemarketing Guard, Primus Talkbroadband can provide you with increadible service at extremely affordable rates.

Local Analog Line Top
For companies who wish to utilize the tried and true local analog telephone system, Primus provides phone service nationwide, complete with a wide range of feature sets to compliment your voice services.

Cellular Wireless Top
Keeping in contact while away from the office is important. Primus provides a range of cellular wireless plans and handsets to suit your company's growing and ever changing needs. We can keep you connected, wherever you are.

Globe Cards Top
Utilizing long distance services while away from the office can be extremely costly. Our Globe Card services allows you to utilize any standard phone for your long distance calling, while maintaining your low rate calling plan.

Conferencing Services Top
Keeping in contact between offices, or between yourselves and your partners is important. Our conferencing systems will allow you to hold virtual meetings, share data, and collaborate with remote locations worldwide.

Virtual Managed MachineOur Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, London & Vancouver data centres provide peace-of-mind for your business.
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