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 Our shared web hosting servers support a wide range of web scripting languages and technologies. We offer dedicated Windows and UNIX based servers, plus our specialized "Hybrid" hosting platform which allows for the integration of both technologies together.
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E-Commerce Top
Primus offers E-Commerce solutions in conjunction with Caledon card processing services. Below you will find tutorials on how to interact with Caledon's servers, general troubleshooting steps and faq's on this service.

MS-SQL Databases Top
 Dedicated Microsoft MSSQL Database servers ensure your data is stored securely with the utmost concern for speed, accessibility and data integrity. A variety of MSSQL options are available.

MySQL Databases Top
 MySQL an open source and widely used database application. Primus provides MySQL Database hosting through a wide selection of our hosting packages, complete with phpMyAdmin for database administration.

Coldfusion Top
Adobe Coldfusion is a dynamic scripting language that allows for a variety of advanced web applications. This scripting language is supported on our UNIX, Windows and Hybrid hosting servers with select packages.

ASP 1.1 and ASP .NET 2.0 is offered as a scripting language on our dedicated Windows and Hybrid hosting platforms with select packages. ASP was initially developed by Microsoft as a web application language.

PHP is an excellent open source programming language for the web. Primus provides PHP support on both our dedicated UNIX servers as well as our Hyubrid Hosting platform. Many advanced coding techniques are possible in PHP scripting.

Web Control Panel Top
Primus has developed a custom written control panel for all of it's hosting offerings. The MyAccount portal allows users to fully administer their VWS Shared hosting servers through a dynamic and intuitive interface.

Hosting FAQs Top
Our generalized Hosting FAQ section provides answers to topics that do not fall under a specific category, rather a broad range of topics from general website use, updating and frequently asked questions.

Virtual Managed MachineOur state-of-the-art business Hosted Phone System is feature-rich and saves you money.
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